But Alive – Zeit an Gott zu denken…

(= Time to think the God…!)

I love very much the But Alive Band and I pray for them to meet the Orthodoxy!! Jesus Christ, our God, loves very much the artistic souls because the artistic souls loves Him so much…! But some souls don’t know it…!

Our souls are nostalcic for the God…! And sometime God will bring closer to Him…!!!

Abel-Anastasios Gkiouzelis


But Alive – A German punk rock band


But Alive

… But Alive was a German punk rock band, which was founded in 1992 in Hamburg. Most of their lyrics were very political. When they announced their breakup in 1999, because of musical and personal differences, they consisted of the following members: * Marcus Wiebusch (Vocals and Guitar); also in Rantanplan, now in Kettcar * Frank Tirado-Rosales (Drums); also now in Kettcar * Hagen van der Viren (Guitar) * Torben Meißner (Bass); now in Rantanplan Their 1997 album Bis jetzt ging alles gut was released in North America by the Canadian G7 Welcoming Committee Records.


But Alive

But Alive – Zeit an Gott zu denken / Lyrics (στίχοι)

Das Frühstücksei ist zerbrochen und außerdem zu weich,
EN: The egg is broken and also too soft,

Und dieser Kontoauszug kam herein heute morgen:
EN: And this statement came in this morning:

Du bist eher arm als reich.
EN: You’re more poor than rich.

Auf kurze oder lange Sicht wird dir niemand etwas schenken:
EN: In the short or long term nobody will give something you:

Langsam wird es Zeit, an Gott zu denken,
EN: It is really time to think about God

Es wird wirklich langsam Zeit, an Gott zu denken.
EN: Really slow, it is time to think about God.

Deine sogenannten Freunde hatten alle einen guten Rat parat.
EN: Your so-called friends had all ready a good advice.

Sie klopfen dir auf die Schulter und seilen sich zügig ab.
EN: They tap you on the shoulder and rope down quickly.

Zwischenmenschliche Kontakte mußt du ab jetzt etwas beschränken.
EN: You don’t have to limit interpersonal contacts from now something.

EN: Well…

Langsam wird es Zeit, an Gott zu denken,
EN: It is time to think in God slowly

Es wird wirklich langsam Zeit, an Gott zu denken.
EN: Really slow, it is time to think about God.

Dieser Knoten in deiner Brust war früher einmal dein Herz.
EN: This lump in your breast once was your heart.

Du hältst den Kopf hoch, weil du mußt, und weil es sich so gehört.
EN: You think up the head, because you have to, and because it is so.

Doch dein gebrochener Mut lässt sich – auf Teufel komm raus –
EN: But your broken courage can be – come on fuck -.

Nicht mehr einrenken:
EN: No longer put:

Langsam wird es Zeit, an Gott zu denken,
EN: It is time to think in God slowly

Es wird wirklich langsam Zeit, an Gott zu denken.
EN: Really slow, it is time to think about God.

Auf einmal wird dir schlecht, irgendwo im Bauch,
EN: At once is bad, friends somewhere in the belly,

Und die Leitplanke ist echt, und die Böschung auch.
EN: And the barrier is real, and the Bank also.

Du verlierst die Kontrolle über den Wagen
EN: You lose control of the car

Und du kannst ihn nicht mehr lenken. Tja…
EN: And you can no longer keep him. Well…

Langsam wird es Zeit, an Gott zu denken,
EN: It is time to think in God slowly

Es wird wirklich langsam Zeit, an Gott zu denken.
EN: Really slow, it is time to think about God.





Themi Adams of The Flies with Mick Jagger –

Rock-Star Atheist Becomes Africa Missionary



YOU TUBE: Interview with Father Themi Adams

Fr. Dr Themi Adams considers himself wilder and braver than his rock star contemporaries. Not because he bites off bat heads or taunts the media with a bad boy image—but because he delivers aid to some of Africa’s most dangerous communities.

Born to Egyptian and Greek parents, Fr. Dr Themi Adams was born as Themi Adamopulous and raised in Australia. Growing up as a staunch Marxist and atheist, Adams turned away from God and picked up a bass guitar in the 1960s. He soon started a band called The Flies.

The Flies went on to become one of the more memorable indie bands of the era. The group toured with The Beatles and gained a global following. Adams eventually found himself in the United States at Princeton and Harvard University.

“It was at this time that I suddenly became moved by the overwhelming needs of the oppressed and disadvantaged people in the Third World” says Adams, who is now a devout and radical Orthodox missionary. Adams has dedicated his life to helping the poor.

“I decided that something needed to be done—and that my current lifestyle was not the most productive in the eyes of God,” Adams continues. He spent the next decade living in the outer slum areas of Nairobi, fulfilling his calling as a devoted missionary.
After 10 years of missionary work, he felt called to address a greater need in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

“The entire world had turned its back on the country, and they were in great need of help,” Adams says. “So, I fought the impossible odds and went into the country, alone, to set up a mission and controversially deliver aid to all who needed it.”

Media around the world have been captivated by Adams’ ability to get things done in hard territories where others have failed. In fact, his authority-defying attitude has earned him many notable relationships with government officials in African countries.

Adams, for example, is a close advisor and personal friend of Ernest Bai Koroma, the fourth president of Sierra Leone. This close-knit relationship led to the formation of Paradise Kids for Africa (PK4A), an organization with a mandate to help some of the world’s poorest people.

“The secret of the mission is to respect the Africans and to understand them,” Adams says. “The war has left so many people disabled, and because of the war there was no vaccinations in the 80s, the polio cases had reached catastrophic proportions. That has contributed to the high number of disabled in the country.”


The Flies of Themi Adams


Father Themi Adams

In greek language:

category: ger-en


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